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  • Bradbury 24: a Hino FT single cab 4WD carrying 2000L of water equipped with a GAAM diesel pump.
  • Bradbury 14: a Mitsubishi Canter dual cab 4WD carrying 1000L of water equipped with a petrol pump.
  • Mt Lofty BW12: we house the Mt Lofty Group Bulk Water Carrier (BWC, formerly called a Tanker). This is an Isuzu FVZ 1400 single cab with the SiTEC 270 motor (turbo & intercooled) with auto transmission. It carries 12,000L of water, 2 Hatz 1B40 diesel pumps, a floating collar dam, floto-pump, foam, hosereel and various hose lines.
  • Other equipment we carry are lay-flat hoses (64, 32 and 25mm), chainsaws, first aid kits and various tools such as rake hoes, crow bars, pry bars, rope, traffic bats and cones etc.